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Take a break at the Viamala

Restaurant and Camping Rania – Zillis – Hinterrhein

The Camp site and Restaurant lie directly on the Hinterrhein river and the once notorious Viamala, 15 minutes' walk from the Viamala Gorge visitor centre. Whether you'd like a short break or a holiday in the fresh air, the camp site and restaurant are in the ideal place to slow down a little and enjoy yourself. The area is centrally and conveniently located on the N13 North-South transit route and is extremely quiet and pleasant. The camp site is located at the entrance to the Viamala, the wild gorge of the Hinterrhein river.

Restaurant and Camping Rania – Zillis – Hinterrhein


"Via Mala" comes from the Italian language, and means a "bad path". This description is steeped in history, taking us back to the poor travelling conditions of an earlier age. These days, the Viamala attracts many tourists and nature lovers, but this path was once used by the ancient Romans as a north-south transit route. At that time, there was no way to avoid the Viamala and its dangers. Drivers came with pack mules, carts and cargo, and a major destination in mind. Today, there's not much left of the dreaded Viamala, but it has become a popular tourist destination, attracting hikers, mountain bikers, animal watchers, campers and nature lovers alike. The only danger lurking here today is that of losing your heart to this wild and romantic area.

History - Viamala Valley - Camping and Restaurant Rania - Hinterrhein


  • The camping is located at 858 meters above sea level
  • Spoken languages: German, English, French, Italian

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